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16 January 2013 @ 03:59 pm
What is wrong with this picture  
USPS website says my SSD drive was delivered to my very local Post Office yesterday at 9:15 AM. PO says there's no mail for me this afternoon. What is wrong with this picture? >_> No, seriously. My old lady tells me the folks at the PO up the road are HORRIBLE with sorting. But I find that hard to believe. And they close at 4 PM. Do I have to go over there my freaking self with a printout of the tracking page to get something out of them?

Edit Okay so my Old Man gets back from grabbing my barely teenage (14) sister and he throws a box at me that looks a tad worn from being handled a lot. Perhaps poked and prodded, but still well sealed and intact. Sure enough, its got my SSD in it (I just opened it). So they aren't exactly misplacing things, just forgetting them for a moment. I think. And just as I type this in the last 10 minutes I have had this put in my hands and the USPS tracking site email me an update tagged "Delivered". Yay.
Tim Millershachihoko on January 17th, 2013 12:33 pm (UTC)
I've taken to maintaining a spreadsheet with all of my known inbound packages and pre-orders, including ship date, method, and tracking number. If you have a tracking number when you're at the post office, you can ask them to check for a package by number and it should help them figure out where exactly it is ...

Admittedly, I also have Documents To Go - I started using it back when Palm was still in business (many years ago, it feels like), and when my last Palm device stopped working, I switched over to the iOS version. Very handy all around, and in my experience, well worth the price of the Premium version.