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Amateur Photographer? Or technogeek? You decide!
08 July 2012 @ 05:35 pm
So the fan I use to stay cool during the late afternoon? The one the cats like to hog for their own? Its a fire hazard now.

They've clawed halfway through thepower cord right at the back of it in their constant attempts to get cozy and cool (from the breeze going IN from the back).

I need to toss that thing or patch it up somehow. Its liable to start a fire or electrocute a cat until it is repaired or replaced.

So sad they're all desperate for a way to cool off that they'd break a fan's poer cord (nay, unintentionally claw through it and knock it over repeatedly). A sign of a bad summer.

On an off-topic note I'm finding problems sleeping in this heat. I keep bouncing to the only AC'd room in the house for my naps. It gets too muggy in my room during the day. Stuffy, hot, unbearable. But its getting its own air conditioner soon so it should be cozy enough to sleep in once that's done. Requires some electrical work before they install it in the windowsil.
Amateur Photographer? Or technogeek? You decide!
02 July 2012 @ 03:08 pm
So it finally happened. My cat passed on today.

I woke up to some yowling and went to check, but by the time I got there she had finished twitching and was still... We at least tried to make her final days comfortable in this heat wave... I hate not having the money to take her to a vet when this started happening...


They did tell me it would be luck if she lived this long. Eleven years...

RIP Snowy: 2001-2012
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Amateur Photographer? Or technogeek? You decide!
01 July 2012 @ 06:55 am
Been trying to avoid talking about this for a while since it was a recent development since I got back from AC. So I'll try to keep this simple.

My cat isn't doing so good.

She's been losing weight, acting tired all the time, and the flea infestation we've been fighting hasn't helped.

On and off we'd get her to gain weight and she'd act perky, but more often than not she slips back into lazing around in the bathroom acting like a zombie. She doesn't look so good.

And this morning I found her sleeping in the toilet. I had to rinse her off and put her in the tub. Not sure how long she can hold out though. Some kind of allergic reaction is clogging up her sinuses and on top of the heat and fleas... I wish I could afford to take her to a vet. :(
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Amateur Photographer? Or technogeek? You decide!
01 May 2012 @ 09:30 pm
Asus SNAFU. Mobo "not supposed to have been replaced" in the first place. "trace damage" ruled customer induced?

Basically they realized they screwed up several times. The "trace damage" voided the warranty so they should've asked to charge me.

And since I don't have a credit card (with cash on it), they would've returned the dead board as-is.

But instead, they sent me a free refurb. Screwup 2. And when that was DoA, they gave me a shipping label prepaid to the wrong place.

Now its a one-way label so they can't send it back. It ended up in California when it should've gone to Illinois.

They're trying to figure things out right now such as why things happened the way they did.

So basically what I have is a snafu where they sent a board they shouldn't have. And I am left with a computer without a motherboard.

Until I can get a replacement from somewhere that is. This is a stupid situation. Why do they "blame" the customer for "trace damage" regardless of what caused it? I looked online and found reports of Asus RMA tickets being rejected for even the slightest SCRATCH on a corner of motherboards where there's not any traces/components to damage. In these cases, the customer is told their warranty does NOT cover the damage and they'd have to fork over money to get it repaired or replaced.

Now I wasn't told where this trace damage really is on my original RMA, but apparently the fact they realized that they shouldn't have sent me a replacement board for free seems to have them confused at what happened. So they've started checking why their agents did what they did such as giving me incorrect shipping labels and such.

This is all such a mess and I'm caught between not caring anymore and being irritated by the whole crazy mess. Do I give them more time to work things out or do I just cut my losses and buy a new replacement online since they now believe (after the fact) that I shouldn't have been given a replacement at all?
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Amateur Photographer? Or technogeek? You decide!
09 April 2012 @ 04:27 pm
Last time I called Asus they managed to update the RMA page to list its status on March 30th and I hadn't heard from them since.

So I called today to see if they had anything new on it. I was on the phone for 13 minutes. When they got back to me (had to be on hold while they contacted the RMA department) they didn't have good news.

The board tested as DOA. The damage from the surge completely fried the board's ability to detect installed memory. Its irreparable. But because its under warranty they said I should get an email today or tomorrow with options. I believe one of which is to send me a replacement of the same exact model.

So here I am waiting for that email. And also kind of deadpan from frustration. They updated my RMA again with the serial number of my dead motherboard just after I called. Either way, a new motherboard is the only route I have for getting my PC back online. Wither its the same model or a new model, I won't know. So long as its AM3 or AM3+ for my Phenom CPU. Though I bet that if its anything but the same exact model of motherboard I used, Windows will bitch at me about a major hardware change and deactivate. >_> Microsoft made their new OS's way to sensitive with hardware updates with its HAL tagging. >_<

EDIT: Okay it looks like they mailed it at the end of their business day. No tracking number given yet. Or maybe their latest update was misread by me. It mentioned the USPS as a forwarder but no tracking number. If they did mail it I should have in in about three days depending. I should probably get a new PSU as well while I have it on my mind, don't you think?
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Amateur Photographer? Or technogeek? You decide!
01 April 2012 @ 11:40 am
I don't like sharing a computer with 2 other people. I really really don't. But I can't do anything about it right now. Squabbling for time on this thing is like trying to file paperwork for some important service.

But enough of that. I've finally gotten something back from ASUS on my motherboard. Their PSTI system seems to have been fixed (no joke) and my RMA ticket has been entered as of march 30th. Its currently in "repairing" status. This is out of a 7 step system with "received" and "waiting" as the first two steps. Four more stages wait ahead of it including one stage of testing.

At this point its in stage three of seven. The final three stages involves packing and shipping. I guess it will be about a week or two before I see it shipped back so I'll just keep watching it like a hawk. I want my own computer back. Seriously.
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Amateur Photographer? Or technogeek? You decide!
27 March 2012 @ 04:20 pm
You are starting to suck.

My motherboard hit your RMA center on the 19th. The USPS says it was delivered and my tracking number proves it.

You say your RMA Status Request page hasn't been properly working for a couple of months. Fine. Sounds like an excuse, but whatever. It also says my RMA exists but its not received.

I called your support number 5 times since to get updates. You send forward emails to RMA two of those times with management escalation once and I get nothing back. not even an email.

Then you say you'll call me when they answer which should've been this morning when the RMA people got into their offices. Guess what, no call.

Its been 7 and a half business days Asus. My computer is a dead hulk without its motherboard and your tech guys aren't getting me any answers for my RMA ticket. either you are dropping the ball or RMA is dropping the ball by ignoring the fact that my motherboard is IN THEIR HANDS. Hello? user wants his computer back in working order. Sharing a PC with 2 other people in this small house is NOT a good thing. Too many files that can be cross-accessed from the C:/users/ drive.

Basically what I am saying is.. TELL ME WHATS UP WITH MY MOTHERBOARD! Stop running me in freaking circles with excuses and find out why it won't read the RAM modules anymore and FIX IT! I want my computer back!
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Amateur Photographer? Or technogeek? You decide!
28 February 2012 @ 01:21 pm
From recent journal replies , forum posts, and a call from XFXforce support, the issue has been left sort of foggy.

Either the power supply had been damaged, or the video card has been damaged. Tech Support can't tell which (naturally). They also suspect damaged drivers.

So my first step is to do a clean install of Windows and see if it clears up the issue. If so then it was software (but they don't think it is since its stable UNTIL I play a game). If not then its back to a power supply issue or video card issue. But to test the power supply out I'd have to use another PSU in the case which I don't have (in the right wattage. I have a much older 500 watt PSU and that's it). If it goes away then its the PSU.

But if the damage is on tyhe video card, then yes they will be more helpful about it since its under warranty and the damage isn't actually visible on physical inspection.
Amateur Photographer? Or technogeek? You decide!
23 February 2012 @ 05:03 pm
I don't know what's going on today. My computer keeps crashing when playing a game. A very specific game.

It starts as a game-freeze, then the game crashes and I get a bunch of pop-ups about Catalyst Control Center's little bits and peices and more importantly the reliability center says "Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation" is the first thing that went.

Each time this happened, my screen revered to a very glitched-out Windows Basic scheme and I keep having to reboot to fix it. >_>

Maybe its an update they did to the game. Or something I did with my computer settings. It was just fine yesterday and a tweak I made before I started playing today may have tripped it into crashville. All I did was change from windows Defender to my preferred antivirus program. o_O This is just bizzare.

Why is an audio crash making my video go nuts anyway?!
Amateur Photographer? Or technogeek? You decide!
28 January 2012 @ 01:55 pm